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Low Vision Rehabilitation


Chan Family Optometry helps people with low vision or partial vision loss. “Low vision” refers to vision impairment that cannot be corrected with conventional glasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery. In the U.S. this loss of vision is most often caused by acquired eye diseases such as macular degeneration or glaucoma, but can also be congenital, caused by an injury, or result as a complication of a systemic condition (e.g. diabetes). If you have a visual impairment, you may have difficulty performing daily activities such as reading, shopping, using a computer and preparing meals. Low vision doctors are not able to cure the causes of vision loss, but develop a tailored program to assist in maximizing vision and independence.

Low vision rehabilitation is a process that begins through a comprehensive history and evaluation to understand the degree of vision impairment. We then work with patients to develop a customized plan based on the person's goals and determine if optical solutions (e.g. specialized glasses, hand/stand magnifiers or filters for glare control) or non-optical solutions (e.g. reading guides, appropriate lighting, large print, audio books, sensory substitution) are part of the solution for the patient.

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Who can benefit from Low Vision Examinations?

From children to seniors, anyone who feels their level of vision has negatively impacted their daily functioning can benefit from low vision services. Depending on the level of vision loss and the goals identified by the patient and doctor, services can range from the prescribing of spectacles to adaptive technology. While this may mean you will learn new ways to do old things, our doctors have found that nearly everyone who goes for a low vision evaluation will learn useful things to make their quality of life better.

Preparing for the low vision exam:

Low vision exams usually take at least 1 hour. Please remember to bring:

  • Insurance cards (low vision exams are billed to medical insurance)
  • Any glasses, magnifiers or other visual aids you are using
  • Examples of reading materials you would like to see

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Low vision rehabilitation will give you a plan for keeping you as independent as possible. There is no risk to the exam and you have everything to gain!