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Journey of Love and Legacy: The Tale of Dr. Jerry Chan and Dr. Lisa Moon

Drs Lisa and Jerry Chan

In the idyllic landscapes of Grass Valley, California, a story emerges of Dr. Jerry Chan and Dr. Lisa Moon, a duo whose lives have been entwined through love, resilience, and a shared passion for optometry.

Dr. Moon’s journey began far from the serene landscape of Grass Valley, originating in Massachusetts while her father attended Harvard, before her parents settled in the Bay Area. Meanwhile, Dr. Chan’s roots run deep in his hometown, Grass Valley, laying the foundation for a destined encounter that awaited them both at UC Berkeley, School of Optometry. Their story began with Dr. Chan’s invitation to a Carpenters’ concert—a defining moment that marked the commencement of a 46-year journey as partners in both life and love.


After graduation, life took them on divergent paths—Dr. Chan served in the U.S. Navy, while Dr. Moon practiced optometry in the bustling city of San Francisco. Their shared dream of owning a private practice persisted, leading them back to Grass Valley where they had the incredible opportunity to take over Dr. Bole’s optometry practice on Bank Street. They started small, juggling roles as both the doctor and receptionist, until the team expanded to welcome optician Tammy, who (40+ years later) is still an integral part of their office to this day.

From modest beginnings, the optometry practice grew and flourished, leading to the current office space which was meticulously designed by Dr. Moon and embellished by Dr. Chan’s pragmatic touches, including a drinking fountain.

Their story took a challenging turn in 2016 when Dr. Moon faced a life-threatening cerebral aneurysm rupture. In the face of adversity, their daughter, Dr. Tiffany Chan, stepped in, leaving her career as an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology in the Low Vision Clinic at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, to help care for her mother and continue the legacy her parents had built.

Dr. Moon’s triumphant recovery became a beacon of hope—a testament to resilience and the

Drs Lisa and Jerry Chan

irreplaceable value of unwavering support. It enabled her to embrace life with renewed vigor, pursuing personal interests such as traveling, working out, continuing leadership roles in Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra (CATS) and cherishing moments with her grandkids.

Today, Dr. Tiffany stands as a torchbearer, upholding the Chan Family legacy—committing herself to the pursuit of exceptional eye care and community service. Dr. Chan and Dr. Moon’s pride in their establishment extends far beyond professional success; it embodies a profound sense of gratitude to the embracing warmth of Grass Valley—a community that has stood by them through every chapter of their remarkable story.


Dr. Jerry Chan, Dr. Lisa Moon, Dr. Tiffany Chan
Grass Valley Optometrists | Chan Family Optometry | (530) 273-3190
360 Sierra College Dr. Ste. 100
Grass Valley, CA 95945

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Drs. Chan and Moon are very personable and proficient. And their office uses state of that art diagnostic equipment. Health check ups are not usually fun and entertaining but I DO experience my exams with Drs. Chan and Moon as both fun and entertaining!"
    Teresa P.
  • "From check-in to check-out, all the personnel were kind, friendly and knowledgeable. The only issue I ran into was the doctor telling me that, "For a person in your 70s, your eyes are in very good shape!" Wait just a minute, here! I'm only 69, and a young 69, at that! We had a good laugh. 69, 73... What's the difference, really?"
    John F.
  • "1) Staff from the Front Desk to the Testing staff are extremely Personal-able and positive. 2) Of course Dr. Jerry Chan is excellent. 3) If I were to pick a staff this would be the folks that i would pick! 4) The young lady who tests my eyes every time is EXCELLENT 5) Her smile is contagious! The whole group seems to enjoy what they do!"
    Daniel C.
  • "Always had the best treatment, always got an appointment quick. The staff and doctors are the best. My whole family goes to them."
    Susan M.
  • "Dr. Moon is very thorough, office staff is super friendly and always ready to help with an adjustment for my glasses when needed."
    Patrick E.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Chan's for over many, many years. I keep coming back due to his professionalism and quality care. The staff overall are friendly and great at helping me get a pair of glasses that I can feel good wearing. Thanks for being my eye care specialists. Becky Dittemore-Escalante"
    Becky D.

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